Speak'n ze Gardening?

If our languages were based entirely on ecological gardening metaphors,
everyone would be naturally ecological.  You are what you think.  
Speak only in the language of Gardening.


Input ~ Output
medical:   ~  
military:   ~  
sports:   ~  
economics:                                                         ~                                                                  

Do we still have faith in grammar?
Does "Subject verb object." => presumption of uni-directional causality (linear thinking)?
Quantum Psychology suggests Quantum Physics is learned better by considering psychology (as a familiar ground for an analogy) than by studying physics theory directly.  As the book demonstrates, language (at least English) is fully capable of including systems-thinking.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Home Ec / Family Studies
Home Economics courses are always perceived as 'bird' courses (for bird-brains), but when we teach our Home Ec course, prospective Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, CEOs and Prime Ministers clamber to get in because we apply skills developed in those professions to ordinary home activities, such that we see how specialized skills are inherently useful in our homes, how our home activities already contain the specialized skills we learn in professional schools, and how our homes are microcosms and case studies for the larger world.